Strategy & Tactics

Although marketing is always a testing process, a quote from the Art of War by Sun Tzu sums it all up:

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory,

while tactics without strategy is the noise before the defeat.

Companies waste millions of dollars by not first having a strategy, but using the next “shiny object” tactic that may or may not be appropriate for what they are trying to accomplish.  It’s extremely critical that a B2B company develops a marketing strategy and that the tactics used for lead generation are chosen and designed to support that strategy.

Even if a company is using the right tactics, messaging may not connect well with their target market due to the lack of a strategy.  Also keep in mind, “I want to grow my business” is NOT a strategy.  And if you think you are different, then develop the messaging strategy that shows your customers and prospects that you are.

Our commitment to you is to only offer our services “if” we can support your growth goals. With well proven and quantified successes of our systems and processes, we have helped companies grow by millions of dollars within a few years.  With over 14 years of Strategic and Tactical Marketing experience, backed by 16 years of front line selling, Ad Ej Solutions can help you achieve your growth goals.