The Strategic Marketing Blueprint

The “Strategic Marketing Blueprint” is a comprehensive proven process that takes into account everything a company may need to develop an effective marketing strategy.  Additionally, it offers a road map for the tactical implementation of the strategy in order to provide qualified leads to the sales professionals.

This process has been tested and proven over the last 15 years to deliver results to B2B organizations.  This is a 3-phase process wherein each phase evaluates 5 key area that assist in successfully delivering a Strategic Marketing Plan along with tactical outlets.  It includes:

Phase 1: Research & Analysis

  1. Internal Assessment (Strengths & Weaknesses)
  2. Industry Analysis (Opportunities & Threats)
  3. Competitive Analysis (Opportunities & Threats)
  4. Target Market Definitions (Segmentation)
  5. Buyer Personas (Customer Value Surveys)

Phase 2: Strategic Development

  1. Improvements & Innovations
  2. Value Proposition and other USPs
  3. Buying Cycle/Buying Journey
  4. Proof or Evidence of Claims
  5. Strategic Message

Phase 3: Tactical Implementation

  1. Tactical Marketing Plan
  2. Consistent Message Delivery
  3. Lead Generation Systems
  4. Continuing Education Systems
  5. Tracking Results and ROI

Our commitment to you is to only offer our services “if” we can support your growth goals. With well proven and quantified successes of our systems and processes, we have helped companies grow by millions of dollars within a few years.  With over 15 years of Strategic and Tactical Marketing experience, backed by 16 years of front line selling, Ad Ej Solutions can help you achieve your growth goals.

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