Strategic Internal Assessment

B2B Marketing Audit

Often times the best place to start with your marketing initiatives is to assess where you are at.  The Ad Ej Strategic Internal Assessment (SIA) is just that.  Through years of experience and improvements, we have developed a comprehensive system that allows us to evaluate your business from A to Z and determine the key areas that could be improved to help you reach your marketing goals.

We evaluate each business in 9 key areas:

  1. Company and Industry
  2. Competition
  3. Target Market
  4. Information Processing
  5. Retention & Loyalty
  6. Price & Quality
  7. Specific Company Information
  8. Customer Information
  9. Current Marketing & Sales Programs

Each of these will allow us to develop specific recommendations for you to meet your marketing goals and ultimately provide quality leads that maximize sales efforts.

At Ad Ej Solutions, we are committed to helping small and medium-sized B2B businesses understand marketing, from Strategy to Tactics.  Our commitment is NEVER to pressure you into doing anything that isn’t right for you and giving you the right information to make the right decisions.  Call us today!

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