Search Engine Optimization

According to Search Engine Journal, 2016, 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine and 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results. This is why Search Engine Optimization or SEO is critical to driving not just traffic, but targeted traffic to your website.

Unfortunately, most people don’t understand or use a comprehensive approach to optimizing their website. True SEO success is much more than Meta tags and random links.  Effective search engine optimization looks at over 100 critical elements to meet the indexing and ranking of the major search engine and to be on page one for relevant keyword phrases.

We have been providing SEO services for over 17 years and our track record of success stems from helping over 500 companies in that time frame. We also understand how search engines changes over time and keep up with the most current industry best practices to assist clients in attaining page one results.

We have found that conducting a website analysis provides and in-depth benchmark to identify the areas of needed improvement as well as identify positive attributes that can be continued or modified. The analysis investigates over 10 critical areas of your website and turns the data into an effective plan for increasing the website’s SEO. We use the reports to interpret the meaning of the data and provide an easy to understand plan of improvement actions for the website.

Services we offer:

Site Overview Report:  We offer a broad overview to identify content issues as well as improper Meta tags and coding issues with the site. We color code the report to identify and prioritize the critical issues associated with your overall website site.

Keyword Research:  To identify the most effective and relevant keyword phrases to optimize your website for targeted audiences.

Link Audits:  Links are especially important to SEO.  Our link audit identifies not only how many links you have but determines which links benefit or hurt your website’s SEO. We also conduct competitive audits to identify the best link opportunities to improve you link profile.

Indexing Report: Your site cannot rank if the search engine isn’t indexing your content. Our indexing analysis identifies any issues that may be blocking your website from being indexed by major search engines.

Technical Analysis: We do a deep dive “under the hood” of your website and compare it to top ranking sites within a given keyword phrase result. By reverse engineering a top ranking site we can build a unique strategy for optimizing your site with a solid long term optimization plan.

Mobility & Security: We make sure that your site meets Google’s mobility requirements and security protocols for additional SEO strength.

Speed Reports: How fast your site loads is a key elements in how search engine rank websites. We can test your website’s loading speed and identify specific elements that need modification to improve loading speed.

Content Relevancy: Content is still king but many sites lack keyword focus or have thin or similar content that may hurt their SEO ranking. We can test content to eliminate duplication or similar content as well as improve keyword focus and density.

Monitoring: We offer complete monitoring of your website’s SEO ranking, to identify changes and trends to capitalize on positive factors as well as mitigate minor problems before they become big problems.