Content Writing

Saying the Right Things in the Right Way are Key to Getting Prospects to Take Action!

It has been estimated that only 5% of content produced generates over 90% of customer engagement. That means for every 20 instances of content marketing, 19 of them have very little if any impact.  We are in the age of “value” and unless you can provide that kind of value in your content, it will be carried away into the wind.

Speaking directly to your segmented target markets with content that will help them solve their problems or assist them in meeting their goals is not always easy.  And since Inbound Marketing is predicated upon having content assets that provide value available when prospects search for you, it is imperative to say the right things in the right way.

You have probably heard that “Content is King”, but that is only true when it is done properly.  Content marketing is a fundamental way of differentiating your business!

Also, since no single type of content is going to appeal to all of your visitors, it is important that you vary the places your content can be found, whether a:

  • Website page
  • Whitepaper
  • Blogs posts
  • Social media post
  • Video Script
  • Case Study
  • eBook
  • Checklist
  • Presentation

…or any other marketing collateral that resides where you target market is looking to find information.  To do it effectively you may need to have that professional touch.

Ad Ej Solutions offers that professional touch in helping small and medium-sized B2B businesses get connected in the right way with their target markets.  Call us today and see how the right content can help you grow your business!

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