Chad C.
CEO at Fittestry

Vince has helped with our marketing system and we have worked together on a few other projects that are clients of his company. Vince is extremely nice, genuine, and a pleasure to work with. He has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in not only marketing but running a company. His advice and guidance has been invaluable and he always has time to help. He also has the skill to explain complicated issues in a way that they make sense and are easy to digest.

Julie Kennedy
Digital Marketing Specialist at Gemini Group, Inc.

It’s rare to find third-party contractors that truly care about your business, but we found that in Vince. Since joining our team in 2014 as our Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) Account Manager, Vince has helped increase our company’s average conversion rates by 333% through strategic planning and execution. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Vince since 2016 and he has exceeded my expectations month over month. I would confidently recommend Vince to any business seeking to improve the efficacy of their pay-per-click (PPC) ad spend.

Jacob Alessi
Digital Advertising analyst at CDK Global

Vince is a PPC expert. I was able to become google ads certified the day after he taught us through his boot camp. Would highly recommend for anyone looking into a PPC strategist to help them generate real quality leads that turn into sales.

Brandy Welvaert
Marketing and Communication Manager at American Power Systems, Inc.

Vince Kostelnik quickly established himself as a trusted advisor and coach as American Power Systems, Inc. began to develop a B2B marketing program in 2018. Within a brief eight weeks, Vince effectively led our team through a discovery process that helped us better understand our clients and our products and offerings within the marketplace, and which culminated in a valuable, actionable report that continues to serve as the strategic marketing roadmap for the company.

We’ve been working to implement the plan for about six months, and in this time our sales are equal to those in the previous 12-month period. Thanks to AdEj, the fuel in our jetpack!

Dawn M. Yuhas M.S.
Digital Marketing

An invaluable resource! Vince was vital as an advisor to me in developing a successful AdWords campaign. Within the first four months, we closed on $130k in sales. Vince knows PPC strategy and is an instrumental piece to a business or manager who needs to decide which resources will get the best results and which are a waste of time and money. His personality and quick response were a definite plus. I look forward to collaborating with Vince on future project needs.

Bruce Atkinson
Seaberg Industries

Seaberg Industries is a small machining and fabrication company. We entered a U. S. Department of Defense grant program to improve our web site and search engine visibility. Vince Kostelnik wrote new content for our web site.

Vince is a word sculptor. Sculpture is created by two methods: adding or subtracting material. Vince used both methods to craft content: He took small pieces of information to create a unified narrative; He also edited verbal streams of consciousness to define what and how we produce our products.

We are very happy with the work Vince did.

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